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Dirk's Gourmet Prepared Selections
These are our very own recipes.  We prepare them here.
We vary all of our selections regularly. Almost any of our Prepared Foods can be created with your favorite seafood,
or favorite combination of seafood's.  Many of these are Special Order items.
Please contact us for details, pricing, availability and schedule
- Dirk


Our Party Trays  make terrific Appetizers too!

As of September 2005, imported sturgeons have been listed under CITES endangered species act. due to overfishing, pollution, unsustainable fishing practices and loss of spawning habitat.


IMPORTED CAVIAR   We have been buying caviar from  Calvisius Caviar in Italy for the last few years for great taste and quality. A nice selection of various species and grades. Don't forget that only sturgeon can be "caviar", all the rest is "roe".
Oscietra, Classic   my favorite
Oscietra, Royal    
White Sturgeon   California Farm Raised, best seller

Salmon Roe

Wild from Alaska


(shortnosed sturgeon)

Wild caught from the Missippippi River drainage



Wild caught from the Missippippi River drainage
Cakes · Crab
Traditional Chesapeake recipe, lots of Crab. Our best seller.
· Salmon
of Your
Our own unique recipe made with the finest Fresh Salmon.
· Shrimp
Our own unique recipe made with Gulf Shrimp
Ceviche · Seafood
Spicy fresh vegetable/tomato base swimming with fish and seafood.
Crab Claws · Pacific Blue
Perfect for cocktails and parties. Ready to eat.
· Alaskan Snow   Frozen
A larger, more flavorful claw than the Blue. Ready to eat.
· Stone
The classic winter crab claw. Large and succulent. Needs   cracking. Serve with our mustard sauce. Available October thru April.
· Maine Jonah
- Slightly smaller then the stone. Sweet and already shelled. Available year round. Try it sauteed with garlic and butter.
Crab Meat · Pacific Blue
Sweet white chunks - great on salads
· Rock
My personal favorite crabmeat! This meat is so sweet and delicate that it is best eaten all by itself. But it works in all recipes too.
Gazpacho · Seafood
Spicy fresh vegetable/tomato base swimming with fish and seafood.
A no fish veggie recipe! Just great guac. Always fresh
Fresh Tortilla Chips available too
Lox · Nova - New York style. Hand sliced to order 
Oysters Florentine - Hot bubbling cheese and spinach, topping a fresh oyster, what could be tastier? Call ahead and we’ll prepare them!
Roe - Includes all the other “caviar”. Salmon, paddlefish, whitefish, Tobiko and more. Great for a fancy garnish, appetizers, or Sushi!
Salads · Veggie
All of our Seafood Salads and Veggie Salads are made FRESH and make terrific appetizers.
· Seafood
· Smoked Whitefish
My personal favorite spread. Smooth and smoky. Great with fresh vegetables, stuffed in salad tomatoes, or just with crackers
· Poached Fillet
We poach to order, 4 oz. to 4 lbs. Plain or garnished on a tray Excellent for appetizers, luncheons, or as the centerpiece at your next party. Great for buffets. Check the Party Tray page.
· Smoked
Hand sliced and rolled or hot smoked chunks cubed with toothpicks.
Shrimp · Large 
30 count
The very BEST cooked shrimp you can buy! Cooked daily. Our best selling shrimp. Bring this to the party and you’ll be the first one invited back next time! Don’t forget our Cocktail Sauce.
· Jumbo
20 count cooked
Same as above, but the larger! Call ahead and we will cook this to order. These are two bite shrimp! No double dipping either!
Spreads · Crab - Our recipe. Loaded with crabmeat. You’ll be back for more!
· Shrimp - Our recipe. Same as above but we use shrimp, right?
· Smoked Salmon - Our recipe. This will be the best salmon spread you will ever try
...... ...and More all time!      Just Ask!
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These are our own recipes - we make 'elm here. Some are prepared to order, some are on-hand -ask!
• Bisque · Crab -

Made with our own tried and true recipes. We make them all from scratch. The Bisques are cream based and sinfully rich. Try them all. Terry's Oyster Bisque is a fantastic soup!

· Lobster
· Oyster
· Shrimp
• Bouillabaisse · Original
Home made fish stock and vegetables make up the base of this soup. We load it with at least the traditional seven varieties of fish if not more. Low fat recipe.
· Seafood
Same as above but with crab, clams, shrimp and oysters added.
· Vietnamese
My own creation. Coconut milk base, lemon grass, ginger, saffron, fish sauce, and lime zest. Crab, crayfish, lobster, and   shrimp. WOW! My personal favorite soup!
• Chowder · Conch
A great Caribbean specialty. Low fat recipe.
· Fish
Milk based fisherman’s chowder with a ton of fish (well, almost a ton).
· Manhattan
Thick and tasty tomato and vegetable soup. Oh yeah, clams too. Lots of clams. Low fat recipe.
· New England
The traditional clam chowder, thick, rich and creamy.
· Salmon / Corn 
Salmon and corn blend well together in this tasty soup. Made with freshly cut salmon. Very hardy.
• Cioppino · California Style - Tomato based vegetable soup with assorted fish, crab and shrimp. Just add whole crab legs and mussels for an awesome feast. Low fat recipe.
• Gazpacho · Picante - Spicy fresh vegetable/tomato base swimming with fish and seafood.
• Gumbo · Fish
A thick rich Southern style recipe, okra, gumbo file and more! This recipe is fish only, lots of fish.
· Seafood
Same as above but with shrimp, crayfish, crab, and oysters. These soups are meals in themselves. Or serve over rice.
Home Made Fish Stock Available
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Seafood & Veggie

Our Salads are prepared here,  and are always FRESH!

  Seafood Salads
• Crayfish
- Very spicy mayo and lots of crayfish tail meat.
• Ceviche Picante - With a special flair, orange, lime, jalapeno pepper and tilapia
• Lobster  - Lobster meat with very little added. Celery, mayo, and spices.
 * Made to order *
• Salmon Dill - Blended with freshly poached salmon and fresh dill. This makes a great sandwich or fill tomato halves for a great first course.
• Shrimp  - Fresh cooked shrimp, light mayo, lemon zest, and more make this salad one of our best sellers. Try some for lunch.
• Smoked Whitefish  - New York style. Very creamy and smoky. 

• Tuna,   Awesome!


Not your mother’s tuna salad! We blend only 12 ingredients to make this salad. They don’t call it awesome for nothing!

  • Mexican style Shrimp Ceviche
  A tasty ceviche base with cooked sweet cookedCanadian salad shrimp. Great served over an avocado or just with chips.

  Veggie Salads
Spicy Cole Slaw   - Roasted pepper,  no mayo recipe
Seaweed - Natural Viagra. Imported from Japan. Great with sushi.

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Most Entrees are Made To Order - Fresh - with 24 hr notice*.
Ready Heat & Enjoy
Some On-Hand Daily

*(A minimum quantity may be needed to make a recipe- call us)

• Burgers · Salmon - Fresh Salmon, Smoked Salmon, and a Dijon mustard blend. Great for a smoky treat on the grill. Serve with our mustard sauce on a bun.
· Tuna - Tuna and Terry-Aki for a grilled Asian style burger. Best a little bit rare. Great sauteed or broiled. Try a wasabi mayo on this one.
· Marlin - Seasoned with our Thai Marinade and green onions. This an outstanding lunch or dinner option. You will love this one! 
Fish en Croute - Salmon topped with our Spinach Florentine and wrapped in a flaky crust. Just bake in the oven for a fast easy dinner.
Jambalaya - Shrimp and rice with that Cajun zing. Perfect for Mardi Gras or tonight!
Kabobs · Various Seafood - Your choice of fish, vegetables, and marinades. Call ahead or we can make them for you while you wait. Quick and easy!
 Killer Cakes · Crab - This is an old Chesapeake recipe loaded with Crab. Quickly sauteed, served with a roll and a side of mustard sauce, now that’s living!
· Salmon - Freshly cooked Salmon. Our own special recipe. Serve as a main course with either cocktail or mustard sauce.
· Shrimp - Loaded with freshly cooked Shrimp. Our own special recipe. Serve as a main course with either cocktail or mustard sauce.
• Lasagnas · Shrimp - Pasta layered with cheese, tomato sauce and seafood. For lunch or dinner or midnight snack. Just heat and eat.
· Scallops
• Paella - Seasoned rice and vegetables topped with your favorite seafoods. Ready to bake in your oven. Add shellfish for variety
• Papilliotes Of Fish - Seasoned juliened vegetables wrapped in parchment paper around the fish of your choice. Now this is healthy fast food! Call ahead and I’ll have it ready to go. Great for entertaining too.
• Risotto - Creamy seasoned rice with peppers, onions and saffron. The seafood is catch of the day or by your request.
• Shrimp Dijon - Our great Shrimp topped with a garlic buttered bread crumb. Just bake in the oven for a hot bubbling treat. We serve them on scallop shells
• Stuffed Fish · Florentine - We can prepare a whole fish stuffed with one of our great mixes. The fish will be totally boneless and ready to pop into the oven. No muss and no fuss on your part! We can do fillets too. Price varies according to the fish. Talk to us about the details.
· Cajun
· Seasoned   
• Wraps · Salmon - Flour tortillas, roasted red peppers, onion, shredded lettuce and grilled tuna or salmon. Your choice of balsamic vingarette or spicy mayo. Sometimes we do a blacked shrimp or tilapia too. Call ahead to see what we are doing today.
· Tuna


…and more - Just Ask!

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   These are Fresh and usually on-hand, but it pays to call ahead.
Especially for the weekend - Dirk
  Key Lime Pie & Tarts* - Simple and basic, no extra frills. Made with our own little hands. One of the best desserts to finish a seafood meal!
Dulce de Leche Pie & Tarts* - Sweet and creamy caramel flavor, made right here with our own secret recipe.
Chocolate Pots de Cream* - Awesome - you won't believe how good these are. Made right here at Dirk's.
* Made here at the shop
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&  Marinades

All FRESH Ingredients. All made right here.
•  Chili/Tequila
A great choice for fuller flavored fish, but my personal favorite for this marinade is Shrimp on the Barbie!
•  Ginger Garlic
Fresh ground ginger and garlic make this a classic, bold and flavorful. Its is excellent as a marinade and really shines as a dipping sauce and salad dressing.
•  Miso
Soy and sweet sake. Great on Chilean bass and Black Cod
•  Soy / Orange
The not so sweet cousin of Terry-Aki. The blood orange  and toasted sesame seeds give it a unique flavor.
•  Terry-Aki
Terry’s very own Teriyaki style blend. This goes great with everything
•  Thai
Spicy and very flavorful. If you like Thai food you will love this marinade. Goes great with most fish (chicken too).
  • Chimmichurri
-   Roasted red peppers, fresh garlic, parsley and olive oil make      this a favorite on most fish. Makes a great sauce for dipping too. (I love it on empanadas!)
•  Cocktail Sauce
The ultimate Cocktail Sauce with lots of Fresh horseradish. Sometimes I think our customers just drink this stuff! It will bring a tear to your eye!
  Coconut Curry Simmering Sauce - Excellent and different. Our own creation
•  Dill Sour Cream
Cool and refreshing, especially on poached fish.
•  Mustard Sauce
Good on everything! Use as a sauce on fish or vegetables. Dip crab claws. Makes a great frosting for our crab cakes
•  Mango-Papya Salsa (pictured above)
The ultimate side for all grilled fish. We make this year around because its always in demand!
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Yeah, it's Sofishticated!

You wouldn't believe how much seafood is in our Bisque!
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