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Last Updated by Dirk: 1.8.2019

  JANUARY 2019        





Being hailed as

"The Next Big Fish",

this  Australian native is being tank cultured in Massachusetts. With a delicate, flakey texture and a sweet buttery flavor it has a versatility savored by all who try it. It;s been featured on Food Network, Oprah Magazine, New York Times, many high end restaurants and now at Dirk's Fish. Barramundi has one of the highest concentrations of Omega-3 fatty acids of any white fish and is grown without, antibiotics, colorants, and is free of mercury and other contaminants. Australis Aquaculture is setting the standards for sustainable seafood. Their revolutionary system recycles the water and even the fish waste goes to local farmers! Check out the web site.

Australis Aquaculture. .

They have a great story and a remarkable fish. All that aside it's a darn tasty fish, whole or filleted. Stop in and give it a try in 2010! Please call ahead to be sure we have it in stock when you want it.




In fond memory of Ralph Frese


East coast oysters

Oysters freshly shucked,

from Virginia. These are plump and succulent.

Now is the time to pull out your favorite oyster stew or bisque recipe and get cooking.

Or you can come in and try ours!


East coast or

West coast

oysters in the shell

We alway have few of the more popular varieties around, like French Kiss, Naked Cowboy's, Kumamotos, Delaware Bays, and Johnson Creek. Give us a call ahead and we can round up your favorite kind. We will even shuck them for a nominal fee (but we keep the pearls).


When in doubt,
     Rainbow Trout!
he freshest Rainbow Trout from nearby Palmyra, Wisconsin. This fish travels a mere 90 miles toget to the store. You would have to go fishing to get a fresher fish! Rainbow is mild, tasty and inexpensive. Whole or filleted, this fish cooks great in a variety of cooking methods.
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Find us
We are not lost,
are you?

You may be,
without our fish






In the continuing aftermath of the Chicago Tribune's articles, I just wanted to point out that much of the information is old news.

The most important thing to remember is that the  levels  quoted have an "uncertainty factor" built in which is 10 times less that the numbers used in the papers.

As with all things, you have to read as much information as possible and decide for yourself what's right for you. Many sites on the web have their own agendas. The government is certainly not always the final say, but I think they have some of the best resources(a.k.a.our tax dollars)for researching the issues.

They have been updating their information recently also.

I personally think that moderation is key to all. A little of this and a little of that is what keeps food interesting. There are so many proven good facts about fish.

Don't let the misinformation stop you from enjoying fish a few times a week as usual.

(and what ever happened to all the talk on PCBs?)

Here are a couple of informative websites.

I think it gives a very good look at the manipulation of information that surrounds fish, mercury, your health and the people that misrepresent the facts. Check it out for yourself at...


This next site is from the University of Maryland. I found it to be very informative also




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Be Happy!


There is no bad time for a good resolution!
  This time of year seems like an especially good time to make a good resolution for yourself and your body. A little regular exercise and some good eating habits will go a long way towards shedding some of that holiday cheer and making you feel better all year long! Remember that moderation is the key. I like to eat a little bit of many healthy things, including all my favorites (fried shrimp, chocolate, and bakery goodies, etc.).
Fish and seafood play a big part of any healthy diet. They are good lean protein, low fat, low cholesterol and easy to prepare. There have been numerous studies attributing fish to many more health benefits than any probable risk. Even pregnant women are encouraged to eat certain types of fish a couple times a week to promote their unborn babies health. I receive daily e-mails from various sources that tout the benefits of fish and omega-3's. I will place links to these articles and studies on the Health page of our website.
American Heart Logo
February is also National Heart Month and there is no better way to heart health than a couple of servings of fish every week! This is a recommendation from the American Heart Association and the FDA.
I prefer Omega 3 filled fish like salmon, Arctic char, and mackerels.
A minimum of two servings of fish per week is the general consensus for good health. Resolve to try some new fish and/or recipes. We are here to help and guide you to healthy eating. Terry has a flair for coming up with outstandingly tasty recipes that are surprisingly simple to make.
And don't forget your vegetables! Natalie Canizares is a health and wellness coach that has a plethora of great ideas for healthy eating in the New Year. I constantly get ideas from her. Check out her website at beautifullybalanceddiet.com. I would highly recommend that you go through the recipe files at dirksfish.com

to find your favorite fish or dish and treat yourself to a great meal with some our outstanding side dishes. From appetizers to soups, salads and main courses, you are certain to find something that appeals to you! Now is a good time to develop some new cooking habits that you can enjoy throughout the year with a variety of seasonal ocean products. Try a new recipe at least once a month to keep it fresh and expand your culinary horizons.

Enjoy the new year and a great new you!



These are general guidelines for availabily of some of the more popular fish and seafoods out there.

Availability sometimes depends on weather trends, seasonal opening dates and quota allowances.

If I didn't list a fish it'd because it is likely readily available year around.

If you don't see something that you are interested in on this chart, please call,

we will do our best to locate what you  need.

January Alaskan Snow Crab, Louisiana Crawfish, Nantucket Bay Scallops
February Nantucket Bay Scallops, Louisiana Crawfish
March Alaskan Halibut, Louisiana Crawfish
April Soft Shell Crab(Fla), Wild Alaskan King Salmon, Louisiana Crawfish


Soft Shell Crab Wild Alaskan King Salmon, Wild Alasakn Sockeye Salmon(Copper River), Louisiana Crawfish
June Soft Shell Crab, Louisiana Crawfish, Wild Alaskan King Salmon, Wild Alasakn Sockeye Salmon
July Soft Shell Crab, Louisiana Crawfish, Wild Alaskan King Salmon, Wild Alasakn Sockeye Salmon
August Wild Alaskan Chum Salmon, Wild Nunavut Arctic Char, Soft Shell Crab, Wild Alasakan King Salmon, Wild Alasakn Sockeye Salmon
September Alaskan Brown King CrabWild King Salmon, Wild Alasakn Sockeye Salmon
October Alaskan Red King Crab, Washington Dungeness Crab, Florida Stone Crab, Wild Alaskan King Salmon
November Alaskan Red King Crab, Nantucket Bay Scallops, Washington Dungeness Crab, Wild King Salmon
December Nantucket Bay Scallops, Louisiana Crawfish



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"Best served

on a kiss"

Farm Raised Kaluga Caviar has been a staple all year. Great sustainable caviar at a great price!

$60.00 per pounce or 2 ounces for $100.00

















Quinn and his catch

August 2005 (released)



Rolling your own? We carry on a daily basis: Yellowfin tuna, Atlantic salmon, Kona Yellowtail, three fresh staples for great sushi. On Fridays, we usually get fresh Bigeye tuna and Escalor (super white tuna). This usually goes quick, call ahead and we will save you some.

Check our schedule for sushi class info.




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