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Rolling your own?

We carry on a daily basis: Atlantic salmon, Yellowfin tuna, Yellowtail Hamachi, three fresh staples for great sushi. We have fresh and Escalor (super white tuna-special order), scallops, snapper,saba, tobiko, real wasabi paste and all the other necessities you may need. On Fridays, we usually get fresh Bigeye tuna. This usually goes quick, call ahead and we will save you some. We may even have a couple of fresh live sea urchins available for this weekend.



Sustainable Sushi

We sell only fish that come from sustainable and reliable resources. We follow Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch for most of our choices. We also reference Casson Trenor's book "Sustainable Sushi". The only fish that we differ from is Atlantic farmed salmon. We purchase ours from the most environmentally friendly farms we can source. All Atlantic salmon are not raised using the same methods. Currently we are buying our fresh salmon from Scottish salmon farms which are certified organic in Europe (though not in the U.S.) and have the best track record of environmental responsibility*. We are always looking to improve our sources.

Some of the fish choices revolve around certain specific fisheries especially on the East Coast Atlantic. We target local hook and line or trap caught fish in these waters.

These are some of the more common sushi fish and seafood that we carry*. If you want something special  or specific, please call ahead and we will do our best to acquire it for you.


Best Choices include. ..

Albacore Tuna (Shiromaguro) - wild - U.S. caught

Amberjack (Hiramasa or Kampachi) - farmed - U.S or Australian

Arctic Char (Iwana) - farmed - U.S. or Canada

Atlantic Mackerel (Saba) - wild - U.S.

Barramundi (Akame) - farmed - U.S.

Capelien Roe (Masago) - wild - Icelandic or Canadian

Crab, Blue (Kani - softshell) - wild - U.S.

Crab, Dungeness (Kani) - wild - Washington state

Crab, Stone (Kani) - wild - U.S.

Halibut (Hirame) - wild - Alaska

Geoduk Clam (Mirugai) - wild - U.S. Pacific

Imitation Crab (Kanikama) - wild - Alaskan

Octopus (Tako) - wild - Spain

Meagre/Mulloway (Suzuki) - farmed - Australia

Mussels (Muurugai) - farmed - All

Oyster (Kaki) - farmed - U.S.

Sablefish/Black Cod (Gindara) - wild - U.S.

Salmon, Chum, King, (Saki) - wild - Alaska

Salmon Roe (Ikura) - wild - Alaska

Scallops, Bay, (Hotate) - wild - Argentina

Sea Bass, striped (Suzuki) - farmed or wild - U.S.

Sea Urchins (Uni) - wild - Canadian

Shrimp, Caribbean White Laughing Bird (Ebi) - farmed - Belize

Snapper, Red (Tai) - wild - U.S. Gulf of Mexico only

Spanish Mackerel (Sawara) - wild - U.S.

Squid (Ika) - wild - U.S. Atlantic

Tuna, Bigeye (Maguro) - wild - All troll or pole caught

Tuna, Yellowfin (Maguro) - wild - U.S. Gulf of Mexico troll or pole caught

Good Choices include...

Crab, King (Kani)- wild - Alaska

Flying Fish Roe (Tobiko) - wild - all sources

Flounder (Hirame) - wild -U.S. Pacific

Salmon, Atlantic (Saki) - farmed -Scottish*

Scallops, Sea (Hotate) wild - U.S. North Atlantic

Sea Urchins (Uni) - wild - California

Shrimp, Gulf, white or brown (Ebi) - wild - U.S.

Squirefish/New Zealand Snapper (Tai) - wild - New Zealand

Choices to Avoid...

Freshwater eel (Unagi)

Octopus (Tako) - wild - Africa

Shrimp, Tiger (ebi) - farmed - All

Tuna, Bluefin - wild- All

Also, consider the ubiquitous chopstick, found along side sushi every where.

Remember, sushi was originally meant to be finger food.

"At present, about 500 million pairs of chopsticks are manufactured in Japan, a fraction of the 24.8 billion pairs - waribashi, as they are called - used each year. China provides almost 98% of Japan's chopsticks, something officials ascribe to the high cost of Japanese timber."

Read more... Article on Japanese chopsticks.

Check out this website too,

The Waribashi Project

We will continue to offer free chopsticks for now,

but for how long?

Our suggestion is  to buy a beautiful pair for your very own and build a tradition of eating sushi with a custom set of 'sticks. If you look online, there are many choices for some really nice personal chopsticks. You will look so cool when you whip out your own pair at the sushi restaurant (your date will be impressed too)!

FYI, I got a great pair at REI that screw together, top to bottom. The bottom wooden part stores inside the hollow metal handles, very posh!


Special thanks to our friend Casson Trenor for all the information provided in his book "Sustainable Sushi", which is highly recommended reading by Dirk Fucik of Dirk's Fish & Gourmet Shop!



Also know as Hiramasa

This sustainable farm raised fish come to us from Cleanseas and is raised in the Spencer Gulf in South Australia. It has the same flavor and texture profile of Kona Kampachi, even a little more fat content, 18 to  20 %. Very nice on the palate.

Growing conditions
Produced from wild brood stock,
hatchery raised fingerlings are
grown in an open water culture
environment located in the Spencer
Gulf, South Australia.
Grown in compliance with
ISO 14001 and ISO 9001
requirements. The use of natural
feeds, minimal stocking densities
and site fallowing practices, delivers
a fish which is totally sustainable
using the world’s best practices.
Locally produced, natural feeds
from sustainable sources. GMO and
land animal product free.

We think you will love this fish as a substitute for your belove kampachi. Let us know what you think.




We are carrying a great new product called,


      This is a sustain ably raised kahala or yellow tail that comes from the big island of Hawaii.



Check out their website.

    It's fish is one of the best fish I've  ever used for  sushi, very mild with a high oil content. It even cooks up fantastic. Try it with one of your favorite recipes or use one of ours!

    Be sure to call ahead and we will save you some!

Live sea urchins

Check out our recipe page for sushi recipes.


Sushi To Go!

You can Print a Sushi menu make your choices and call it in to us.
Your order will be ready when you arrive.

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MAKI Rolls
Dirk's Deluxe Spicy Tuna Roll - 10 pcs
Tuna fillet, avocado, cucumber, sesame seeds, masago, scallions, spicy mayo
Dynamite Roll - 10 pcs
Tuna, avocado, scallions, spicy mayo, spicy panko crumbs, togarashi
Salmon Mango Roll - 10 pcs
Salmon, mango, jalapeno, sweet onion, wasabi

Seared Sea Scallop Roll - 10 pcs

Cooked Sea Scallop,avocado, cucumber, wasabi

Spicy Salmon Roll - 10 pcs
Salmon, avocado, cucumber, sesame seeds, spicy mayo

Terry-aki Salmon Roll - 10 pcs

Marinated and cooked Atlantic Salmon, avocado, red pepper, sesame seeds

Smoked Salmon Roll - 10 pcs
Smoked Salmon, cream cheese, avocado, sesame seeds
California Roll - 10 pcs
Surimi, avocado, cucumber, sesame seeds, masago, spicy or regular mayo
Spicy ScallopThin Roll - 6 pcs
Scallop, avocado, tobiko, spicy mayo
Vegetable Roll - 8 pcs
Cucumber, avocado, Kampyo, carrot
Tuna Thin Rolls /
Tekkamaki - 6 pcs

Tuna, wasabi
Salmon Thin Rolls / Tekkamaki - 6 pcs
Salmon, wasabi

Fresh fish and sushi rice

We sell 100%
Real Wasabi

Taste the difference

$3.00 per oz












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